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Adele Chynoweth and the Under Sedation project

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The story shook me when I read it and it has clung to me as has most of Kafka's work, Steven Berkoff said of The Metamorphosis. Find out more these writers and the powerful novella adapted by Berkoff for the stage and playing at the Street from the 17th of August.

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Under Sedation: A Performance Anthology of Canberra Poetry

Canberra has been a crucial hub for the creation of poetry. Several significant poets and songwriters have lived here. In fact, it is impossible to speak of Australian verse without mentioning the work that has arisen from Canberra. This living tradition is well-honoured with regular reading and slam events. The stand-up, direct address aesthetic well suits the performance of poetry but there is room for the development of another performance genre. The Street’s Under Sedation: A Performance Anthology of Canberra Poetry will comprise a selection of Canberra verse – the old and the new, sung and spoken, published and drafted, the applauded and the unknown – all woven together in a seamless, devised narrative. Under Sedation will not mark the first time that poetry has gone to the theatre but will see the Street transform local poetry into a bold, contemporary production to continue and enrich the dialogue that Canberra poets and songwriters have so generously brought to our community.


Adele Chynoweth (Pictured) is a theatre director, curator and researcher. She has curated exhibitions for the National Museum of Australia and the Hawke Centre at the University of South Australia. Adele is also an international consultant for Welfare Stories: from the Edge of Society, a social history and justice project undertaken in Denmark, in collaboration between the Welfare Museum, Svendborg, the Prison Museum, Horsens, and the Centre for Welfare State Research, University of Southern Denmark. Adele trained as a theatre director at the Flinders University Drama Centre. Her directing credits include State Theatre SA, Vitalstatistix – National Women’s Theatre and 3rd International Women’s Playwrights Conference. Adele has also directed new work as part of the Street’s Hive and First Seen programmes.


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