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“I am addicted to that LIVE moment connecting with the audience. . .” Renowned actress Maxi Blaha comes from Venice to Canberra to perform in the solo role of Emilie Flöge, Gustav Klimt´s long-time partner and muse, celebrating the Klimt 100 year anniversary.

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MasterIt is The Street's ongoing program of masterclasses for Canberra theatre makers.

A weekend workshop playing with the serious...

An introduction to Forum Theatre and Image Theatre. Learn games, exercises and techniques for use in the classroom, rehearsal studio, therapeutic environment or activist planning space. Discover a unique approach to using the body and the stage to analyse social issues and solve real problems. A workshop for:
- Drama teachers looking for ways of teaching theatre to address social issues;
- Actors and directors looking for ways to renew your practise and give it a political edge;
- Activists looking for creative ways to discuss and communicate issues;
- Therapists and community development workers looking for playful techniques to engage with clients and communities, that bridge the personal and the political;
- Anyone interested in spending a fun weekend exploring the intersections of art, social change and personal change.

Forum Theatre and Image Theatre are the core techniques Rebus uses. They are both developed by the Brazilian director Augusto Boal, as part of his ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ methodologies and are now used around the world as ways to hold embodied dialogue about things that matter, to work out how to change the world and to heal our pain.

Robin is the artistic director of Rebus Theatre. He has studied Theatre of the Oppressed and its offshoots with a number of different teachers from Australia, the UK, Canada, the US and the Philippines, most notably with David Diamond, artistic director of Theatre for Living in Vancouver, Canada. He has directed more than ten Theatre of the Oppressed projects, with a range of different communities.

Ali is an associate artist with Rebus Theatre and has worked as a Drama and Dance tutor with the University of Canberra. She has been a lead artist on a number of projects employing techniques from the Theatre of the Oppressed in the ACT and Queensland, and is an expert in the use of the techniques in the classroom.

Date: Saturday 16th June and Sunday 17th June
Time: 10am – 4pm
Place: Street Three
General Public: $180
Concession: $120
Street Creative Members: $100

To register, call 6247 1223, email or click here!

- The perfect course for actors looking for a complete and intense immersion into how to “live truthfully under a given set of circumstances” on stage or screen.

The workshop will be taught by internationally renowned teacher, director and Artistic Director Scott Williams, who studied with Sanford Meisner at the Neighbourhood Playhouse and has over 40 years experience teaching this work globally.
You will develop a practical and reliable Meisner-based technique that solves the immediate needs of today’s actor – connecting to your emotional truth, easy access for multiple takes and long theatrical runs and maintaining your mental and emotional wellbeing within your work.

If you’re looking for a deeply joyful and authentic process which allows you to become fully present in your body and responsive to your partner then this is the workshop for you. Discover more truthful, exciting and powerful acting. Discover what it means to ACT ON IMPULSE.

Scott Williams is London’s leading Meisner technique teacher and Artistic Director of The Impulse Company in the UK.
Scott trained with Sanford Meisner at New York’s Neighborhood Playhouse in the 1970s, and relocated to London in the mid-1990s following a San Francisco-based career as a teacher, director and Artistic Director for Hillbarn Theatre. After his move to London and the founding of The Impulse Company, Scott has continued his multi-dimensional schedule of teaching and directing across the continents for 40 years. Scott returns to Australia with his highly regarded work, rooted in his training with Sanford Meisner and William Ball, to empower and deepen the work of today’s actor.

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Date: Tuesday 3rd July - Saturday 7th July inclusive
Time: 10am – 5pm
Place: Street Three
General Public: $450
Street Creative Members: $400

To register, call 6247 1223, email or click here!


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