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Street Talk

Singer/songwriter and award-winning jazz vocalist Emma Pask, one of Australia’s favourite voices, is coming to Canberra. "First and foremost, it's the music itself that motivates me. It's love . . ."

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30 Mar - 02 Apr 2017

Who Am I...?

One moment in the maelstrom to define a lifetime - or face national humiliation.

31 Mar 2017

Emma Pask

effortless honest stage presence combined with her powerful vocal ability leaves audiences spellbound

05 Apr 2017

Vincenzo Pirrotta

La Ballata Delle Balate

06 Apr 2017

Neil Murray

One of the country’s finest song men - Neil Murray- a founding member of the Warumpi Band and the man behind such classic songs as “My Island Home”, “Blackfella Whitefella”, and “Good light in Broo

07 - 08 Apr 2017

The Fixer

Impro ACT

21 - 23 Apr 2017

Mark Swivel: Dad. Joke

Comedy. Evidence based musings! Swiv is preparing a speech for his son's 21st ... And struggling. What on earth does a Near Dead White Male say to his Son, The Triumph of Beard Oil?



15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 10am - 3pm

+ 1.5 hours prior to performance


02 6247 1223