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Street Talk

“Canberra has always been a mixing pot for new ideas and collaborations.” The Street talks with Resident Artists Sonia Anfiloff and Ben Connor about their creative development.

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08 Jul 2016

Echo and Fear of the Unknown: Double Bill

A large ensemble cast illuminate the group mind in its best light through movement, poems, stage pictures, and stories, in American director Domeka Parker’s “Echo”,

04 - 08 Jul 2016

Canberra Impro Challenge Heats

The major event on the yearly Impro calendar begins here, at the international tournament of spontaneity.

07 Jul 2016

The Kammarspel & Hour Of The Wolf Double bill from Sweden & Australia

Opening with a dark dramatic family drama in the style of Strindberg, Bergman or Lars Noren, special guest Swedish improviser Anders Fors takes us to where improvisation rarely dares to go.

07 Jul 2016


In Act I “Love Makes The World Go Around” is a collaboration between Canberra’s own Catherine Crowley and Melbourne’s Katherine Weaver, examining the language of love in all its forms. 

06 Jul 2016

Parallel & Barfly Double Bill

Two legends walk into a bar…… Chicago improve master, Joe Bill, and Melbourne’s Jason Geary (Slideshow, and face of iSelect),

06 Jul 2016

A World Between Words Double Bill

In a world with no spoken language dwells Melbourne’s Nigel Sutton leading a performance generated by improvisers from across the world of impro in a week-long January process held in Canberra,



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