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“It is hard to beat the feeling of being on stage in front of an audience.” Peter Cook talks about performing solo in Breaking The Castle, the new Australian work he has written that reflects what is happening in the world around us.

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Beverly Hart brings to the Board extensive strategic and policy experience and involvement in governance and accountability arrangements. Beverly's APS career involved senior level engagement with State governments and industry, including the broadcasting, telecommunications, ICT and finance sectors.

Common threads in her career have been extending services to regional, remote and indigenous communities and developing Australia's innovation system, including through the application of ICT across the economy in areas such as science research, health service delivery and digital content development.

Beverly's interest in the arts and theatre go back to her university years when she taught literature after completing a PhD on Shakespeare. In her subsequent APS career, she was able to sustain her interest in the creative arts through her involvement in national and community broadcasting arrangements, copyright issues and the development of the digital content industries. However, she regrets not having a closer engagement in arts policy and practice and sees her involvement with The Street as an opportunity to fill some of this gap while giving back to the community some of the skills she has acquired along the way.




Kirsty Easdale is a Senior Associate at Minter Ellison, specialising in Employment and Industrial Relations Law. In the course of her work Kirsty has developed a keen eye for detail and has worked with government, multinational companies, small businesses and individuals. Kirsty has also worked on several not for profit organisations’ committees in Canberra, including the Women Lawyers Association ACT and the Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association ACT.

Kirsty has always been passionate about theatre, from her days at Stage Coach Performance Arts School at age 6, to her attempts at lighting design for school plays in high school. She is delighted to put her talents and passion for the performing arts to better use on the Street Theatre Board.



Mark Craswell is a director of Stewart Architecture, one of Canberra’s leading architectural firms dedicated to exceptional design and outstanding urban, social, cultural and environmental outcomes. Mark has extensive experience in the architectural profession and is an accomplished Architect delivering design from initial concept through to built product whilst maintaining the integrity of the original design idea. Mark has had a long association with The Street through his work leading the design and build of The Street Theatre extension through 2012-2014. He brings business acumen combined with design and urban strategy knowledge to the Board.



Susan Blain is a Business Development Manager with 30-years experience in Professional Services and the Not-for-Profit sector. During her 30-year career in Professional Services and the Not-for-Profit sector, she is best known for her expertise in marketing, content strategy and corporate communications. Susan and her family have a strong connection to Canberra and the Defence community. The Blain family have lived across Australia and overseas on military exchange, and like many other Defence families, they call Canberra home. Susan’s passion for drama and theatre began during high school where she was one of the early graduates in rural Queensland with a major in Drama.  She continued her pursuit of musical theatre and production in her Arts degree, studying drama, theatre production and theatrical history.  She later completed post graduate studies in Communication Practices with a specialty in Fundraising. Susan is the inaugural Student Editor of Idiom 23, a literary magazine from Central Queensland, and she counts her involvement, during university, in a regional musical theatre production of Godspell, as formative.




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