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Our Supporters

The support that The Street Theatre receives from individual patrons is crucial to the ongoing success of the company. The generosity of The Street’s supporters enables us to develop the talents of aspiring ACT artists, create new Australian works and to continue to inspire with a unique program of work on stage. Tax-deductible donations of all sizes give us the freedom to create work that champions artistic and cultural diversity, and in-cart donations, suggested at our ticketing point of sale, continued to be an important aspect supporting our work.   The individuals listed below have supported the work of The Street Theatre in 2022.


Michael Adena
Joanne Daly


Michael Sassella
Caroline Stacey
Cathy Winters
David Williams
Peter Wise


Michele Foster
Jamie Hladky
Colin Neave
Bridget Sack


Joanna Clay
Peter Cranston
George Lawrence
Ann Murn
Dr Barrie Stacey
Ilona Di Bella


Sharon Ball | Ian Batterham | Sue Beitz | Neville Bleakley | Kate Bosser
Catherine Bowman | Rohan Buettel | Sarah Christopher | Andrea Close
Elizabeth Costell | Nooneee Doronila | William Fleming | Alan Flett | Simon Garcia
James Gary | Carey Gaul | Roger Gottlob | Su Hodge | Anne Holmes | Graeme Hoy
Gary James | Carol Kee | Alistair Korn | Choe Li | Adam Maples | Neil McAlister
Bronwyn McNaughton | Rosamund Murn | Chris Nobs | Cameron Ong
Loretto Poerio | Maurice Pollock | Linda Rossiter | Adam Stankevicius 
Sherene Suchy | Beng Tan | Paul Taylor | Julia Wee | Rosemary White
Michelle Wilson | Anonymous



Get more involved in the work of The Street by becoming a patron.  Contact Caroline Stacey on 02 6247 1519 or email



15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

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Monday - Friday

10am - 1pm


Also opens

1.5 hours prior

to performance.


02 6247 1223
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