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First Seen: new works-in-progress


First Seen is The Street’s season of new theatre works on the journey from conception to full production. It is a vital part of our planning for future years as we seek to bring original and diverse Australian stories to the stage. The Street promotes the creation of high quality original performance work contributing towards a body of stage work encouraging debate on the social, economic, cultural and political relationships central to the reality of lives of Australians. Projects are selected for development on their intrinsic merit, the imaginative reach of the writing or vision, the distinctive voice of the playwright/creator, and the commitment of the playwright/creator to explore their work and the subject matter.

First Seen offers playwrights/theatre-makers the opportunity to collaborate with a creative team, to further develop their writing/work through intensive practical investigation. There is no expectation to produce a performance-ready draft. Writers will be asked to share the development of their work with Australian audiences and are provided with a professional fee. Writers are asked to outline in their application what they hope to achieve using the time and resources available at the workshop to develop their script. The week of development culminates with a public showing. After each performance, audiences are invited into a discussion with the writer/composer/performance makers, dramaturg and director. By sharing their thoughts with the creative teams audiences help assist us progress the works to production stage and get a sneak peek into Australia’s ingenious artistic community.


Previous Selected Works:   


Hatchlings by A—Z Theatre
Clean by David Atfield
A Better Tomorrow by David Atfield 
Doula by Emily Clark
It Can't Happen Here by Adam Broinowski
Coward Punch by CJ Bowerbird 
The Story of the Oars by Nigel Featherstone 
Luckdown by Luis Gomez-Romero
The Signal Makers by Jess Green and Emilie Collyer
This Rough Magic by Helen Machalias  (
produced by The Street in 2023)
The Chosen Vessel by Dylan Van Den Berg
The Girl Who Glows by Zeeko and Jo Turner



Doula by Emily Clark
Barren Ground by Helen Machalias (produced by The Street in 2023 as This Rough Magic)
Coward Punch by CJ Bowerbird



People Inside Me by Katie Pollock
Church Sweet Church by Rebecca Duke
Just Wrong by David Atfield



The Story of the Oars  by Nigel Featherstone 
Milk by Dylan Van Den Berg (produced by The Street in 2021)
Barren Ground by Helen Machalias


Outsider by Peter Cook (produced by The Street in 2020 as Breaking The Castle)
Milk by Dylan Van Den Berg
Zebracorn by Hanna Cormick
Fragments by Maura Pierlot (produced by The Street in 2019)

Icarus by Christopher Carroll (produced by The Street in 2019)
Sherpas by Tom Davis
Irene's Wish by David Cole (produced by The Goulburn Performing Arts Centre as The Waltz in 2022)

Hired Mother - by Cathy Petocz
Homesong by James Humberstone & Nigel Featherstone (produced by The Street in 2018 as The Weight of Light)
White Tulips by Heidi Silberman
Blue: A Misery Play by Dylan Van Den Berg

A Necessary Evil by Luis Gomez and Desmond Manderson (produced by The Street in 2022 as Twenty Minutes With The Devil)
i.F (Imaginary Friend) by barb barnett
Under Sedation edited by Adele Chynoweth (produced by The Street in 2017)

Staring Out of Windows by Mariem Omari
Rice by Michele Lee (produced by Queensland Theatre Company and Griffin Theatre in 2017)
The Faithful Servant by Tom Davis (produced by The Street in 2016)

Psyche by Lado Shay
Untold by Raoul Craemer (produced by The Street in 2016 as Pigman's Lament)
Anthems and Angels by Zsuzsanna Soboslay
Grief Eaters by Emma Gibson

Drama Queen by Geraldine Turner
In Loco Parentis by Helen Machalias (produced by The Street in 2013)
A Shameless and Scandalous Boy by David Atfield (produced by The Street in 2014 as Scandalous Boy)
Bartleby by Julian Hobba (produced by The Street in 2014)
The Chain Bridge by Tom Davis (produced by The Street in 2015)

Drama Queen by Geraldine Turner
Two Plays by Cathy Petocz (produced by The Street in 2014 as Where I End & You Begin)
Sampaguita by Noonee Doronila
From a Black Sky music by Sandra France, libretto by Helen Nourse (produced by The Street in 2013)
The Hotel Transcontinental (Dreams of the Dispossessed Trilogy) by Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen

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 Tariro Mavondo and Dorian Nkono in The Faithful Servant, by Tom Davis.


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