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Wellspring: Enquiry and Exchange

Bringing campus to the community, Wellspring is an exciting series of immersive events that explore new depths of cultural enquiry and exchange. A collaboration between The Street Theatre and the ANU School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics, Wellspring invites Canberra’s curious to experience the inexhaustible source of human creativity and communication. From urban landscapes to rural communities, from South American political thrillers to the Italian Femminiello. 

Get ready for big bold ideas inviting curiosity and conversation.

Memory in the City 
Thursday 18 April, 5:30pm
Street Three

Re-imagine cities as places where memories, dreams, and ideas, like waves, keep riding in over the top of one another, undoing and complicating our identities. 

Panel Discussion  
Moderator, Ann-Sophie Levidis, Lecturer in French Studies, ANU 
Andre Dao, Refugee Advocate and Novelist 
Leslie Barnes, Associate Professor in French Studies, ANU
Desmond Manderson, Professor of Law, Director of the Centre for Law Arts and Humanities, ANU 
Sue Thompson, Associate Professor of Southeast Asian Studies, ANU 


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Bushfire Stories
The Collective Power of Community
Thursday 16 May, 5:30pm
Street Two

The Australian Black Summer of 2019-2020 saw devastation on an unimaginable scale and gave rise to stories of intense trauma and loss, but also of communities rallying together to overcome adversity. Discover the hidden power of community and storytelling to inform, unite, heal, and overcome. 

Panel Discussion
Moderated by Dr Ksenia Gnevsheva, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, ANU
Professor Catherine Travis, Chair of Modern European Languages, ANU 
Clare Young, award-winning filmmaker and creator of ‘The Heart of The Storm’ podcast 
Gordon Waters, local radio station manager at Braidwood FM and narrator of ‘The Heart of the Storm’ podcast 
Hamish Hudson, musical comedian and guest on ‘The Heart of The Storm’ podcast

Photo Credit Jarrah Knowles Photography

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We've Been Here
A Meditation on Italian Folk Queerness

Thursday 4 July, 6pm
Street One

An experimental theatre and performance piece that questions 'where do we belong?' and how our gender, sexual, and ethnic identities play a role in this. 

Summer Minerva is an italian-american queer, trans filmmaker, author, dancer, and researcher based in the US and Napoli. Their award-winning documentary, Summer Within (2023), is currently doing the festival circuit and their co-edited book Italian Trans Geographies was released in October 2023. 


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Latin Thrills
Screening Political Thrillers from South America

Thursday 15 August, 5:30pm
Street One

Explore Latin America, its politics and history, the boundaries of the personal and the political, the role of precarity, and the transnational impact of one of the most popular genres of our times: the political thriller.

Panel Discussion 
Fabricio Tocco, Lecturer in Spanish, Australian National University  
Claudia Sandberg, Senior Lecturer in Film, University of Melbourne 
Luis Gómez Romero, Senior Lecturer in School of Law, University of Wollongong 


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15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

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Monday - Friday

10am - 3pm


Also opens

1.5 hours prior

to performance.


02 6247 1223
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