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Re-Storying: The Resilience Project is a flexible six-module program open to artists in the ACT region (and beyond) who identify that their livelihood and mental health have been affected and/or disrupted by the COVID19 crisis (no matter how big or small) and its repercussions.

The strengths-based process will assist us to re-imagine our futures, even in unstable times.  The process encourages us to resume/sustain/strengthen our work and purpose in contexts of such deep challenge and change.

The practice will be presented in 6 modules that incorporate bodywork, breathwork, tension-release, arts-centred activities, and remodelling our ideas. Modules will be held in person at The Street Theatre and an online component will be made available via our website.


Who's This For?

This workshop is offered in good faith to those of us who are tired, finished up, moving on- or somehow still haunted by our dreamings, as artists. It is also for anyone who feels robust! Together, we will engage in some foundational exercises: grounding, letting-go, attuning, exercising, extending. Working across modalities exercises might include: moving, breathing, gesturing, picking up a paintbrush, opening our mouths to voice an opinion, or a sound. Together we will create deposits for a creative store of replenishing processes and ideas.


Come fresh to each workshop, just as you are, and who you are. Be brilliant, be in pain, be in-waiting. The future is still talking to us.


Each module is based around a particular theme as below.  There is a concrete outcome to each module, something to deposit into a creative store for your own future replenishment.




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Module 1 – Reflect; A reexamination of our creative identities

Where have we been? A chance to step back and reflect on the past 18 months.

Module 1 online class.


Module 2 – Reframe; A rethink of structures of support

What supports us in our work? How does the world respond to and talk to us? How might we understand cooperative models of care?

Online Module coming soon.

Module 2 Trailer


Module 3 – Replenish; A reconstitution of nourishment and self care

Creativity is often understood as ‘flow’. What if the river runs dry? Replenish takes a few steps back to look not only at the nature of our work, but to what is the nature of the river.

Online Module coming soon.

Module 3 Trailer


Module 4 – Rewire;  A refresh of our bodies stories. A rediscovery of flexibility

In this module, explore practices outside your own. Gain tools from other artforms to encourage flexibility back into how you approach your work. Learn how to swap your personal narratives to sustain yourself.

11-1pm, Thursday 16th Sep – Online via Zoom

3-5pm, Tuesday 21st Sep – Online via Zoom

Module 4 Trailer


Module 5 – Reorient; Riding the unknown

This module is geared towards providing artists and creatives with tools to find continuity across interruption and disruption. Develop new methodologies that help you reorient, regroup and change direction in your arts practice.

11-1pm, Thursday 7th October- Online via Zoom

3-5pm, Tuesday 12th October – Onine via Zoom

Module 5 Trailer


Module 6 – Recombine; Configuring practices for the future, sustaining agency in a time of uncertainty.

As part of Re-Storying, the Resilience Project, Re-Combine focuses on how to understand your agency as an artist in times of uncertainty. Exercises strengthen the ability to reconfigure our practices from a creative base in a disrupted world.

11-1pm, Thursday 14th October - Online via Zoom

3-5pm, Tuesday 19th October – Online via Zoom

Module 6 Trailer



Please rsvp to with Re-Storying in the subject to let us know which session/s you would like to attend, or if you would like to access the content online. If you prefer to leave things until the day, please give us a call on the morning of the session by 10am so we can make sure there is space available.


Each module will be provided in person at The Street Theatre or online as above.

A concise digital version of the module will also be made available online for anyone who would like to access the content in their own time.

About Arts Facilitator Zsuzsi Soboslay

Zsuzsi’s arts practice spans writing, visual and performing arts (theatre, dance and music) and cultural development, including working with disadvantaged and displaced communities. In 1991, she established Body Ecology as a systemic practice designed to link body-mind processes. Her experience of illness and disability (in herself, and in others) has confirmed her belief that yes, we are shaped by the ‘body politic’ (the contexts in which we live) but can also live and work in hope and capability beyond these limits. Her cross-artform practice is accurate, intuitive, replenishing, and full of surprises.

Zsuzsi is proficient in working across modalities, and with people of profound and complex needs.

Zoom Check In Sessions

We invite all participants of Modules (whether you came in person, did the full online class, or participated in a short version @creativerestore) to join us for a Zoom check-in session, some few days after the module, where you can speak directly to facilitator Zsuzsi Soboslay, curator Shelly Higgs and discuss your thoughts and discoveries with other participants.  We particularly encourage participants who may be doing the online modules at home, to join us for these check-ins as a place to connect and take part in a supportive, shared experience.

Creative ReStore

We will be using Instagram as a platform to share our store of creative ideas, resources, and tools to inspire and rejuvenate our artistic selves throughout this process. Please follow us on instagram @creativerestore

Contributions to the store can be made via this Instagram account by direct message. The aim of this page is to create a store of tools, ideas and inspirations that can help us and anyone in the public sphere whenever and wherever needed. Exersices from modules will also be released here if you'd like to take part in more bite-sized pieces.



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