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Greening the Street

The Street’s commitment to sustainability encompasses programming, purchasing, asset and building management as well as behavioural considerations.

We operate within the following clearly-defined principles to ensure that The Street is run in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner.

  1. The Street complies with all applicable legislation and requirements.
  2. The Street works with artsACT to manage assets and the building in line with ACT Government’s Sustainable Energy Policy.
  3. We aim to reduce, where appropriate, all printed material produced by The Street
  4. We actively encourage people to receive emails rather than letters, brochures and flyers.
  5. We actively encourage people to visit our website for information rather than relying on printed material.
  6. We actively encourage people to distribute information electronically rather than in print.
  7. We ensure all our air conditioning (gas and electric) are on timers and attached to discrete spaces.
  8. We seek to minimise unnecessary travel.
  9. We require all our creative, production, and administration teams to reduce wastage of power and resources, and to reuse existing stock.
  10. We recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, batteries, lightbulbs, electrical equipment, wood and steel.
  11. We ensure our sets and costumes are locally sourced from repurposed materials and where possible re-used to minimise carbon footprint.

Conscious of keeping waste to a minimum we use waste management services to take care of our recycling needs where possible. Below is a list of our recycling arrangements.

Paper Recycling – Suez Environment
Cardboard Recycling – JJ Richards
Co-mingled Recycling – Suez Environment
Used Cooking Oil – Waste Away
Toner Cartridge Disposal – Close The Loop
Battery Recycling – Suez Environment
Fluorescent Tube + Light Globe Recycling – Suez Environment

Our public bathrooms have water systems with a high water conservation rating and sensor lighting is a feature of our artist/work bathrooms attached to Street Three. 2015 saw the upgrade of foyer lighting stock to energy efficient LEDs.


15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

Directions & Map

Monday - Friday

10am - 3pm


Also opens

1.5 hours prior

to performance.


02 6247 1223
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