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Canberra International Improv Festival

“back to the present”
part of Improvention 2023

Returning for the first year since COVID, Australia’s original and largest festival of spontaneous unscripted theatre is ‘back to the present’ with a massive and diverse program featuring artists from five continents in performances from classic hilarious shortform improv games to bold performance art happenings.

In deference to this year’s theme, the program opens with sci-fi genre, moving through performances resulting from intensive workshopping with international stars of the craft, and Latin soap opera, all the way to a truly global Improvision Song Contest and the traditional Canberra Impro Challenge Grand Finale!

Featuring Brazil’s physical theatre goddess Luana Proença, Finlander musical clowning acrobat Jacintha Damström, Vietnamese Improv Festival Artistic Director Lê Kim Thanh, Argentinian improv legend and creator of Status magazine Feña Ortalli, plus professional improvisers from Italy, Singapore, Slovenia, Phillippines, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Belgium, New Caledonia, and all around Australia.

Also featured; Aboriginal comedy star Dane Simpson, Thank God You’re Here’s Jason Geary, Have You Been Paying Attention’s Carlo Ritchie, and a host of other well-known stage and screen faces.

You will not believe these artists are creating theatre on the spot with full productions that will make you laugh, cry, and ponder the human condition; acting, singing, dancing, acrobatics, comedy, all performed as narrative genre plays, thematic vignettes, fast-paced gameplay, musical comedy, and truly experimental physical feats.

Spend some time living in the moment and come ‘back to the present’ at Canberra International Improv Festival.



Canberra Impro Challenge Heats | Wed 6 Dec, Fri 8 Dec & Sat 9 Dec - BOOK HERE


Wed 6 Dec

Peregrine V | 7:30pm - BOOK HERE
Knitting | 8:45pm - BOOK HERE

Book both sessions on Wednesday HERE for a discount


Thurs 7 Dec

Psychedelic | 6:30 - BOOK HERE
Melomania | 7:45pm - BOOK HERE

Book multiple sessions on Thursday HERE for a discount


Fri 8 Dec

Willy Willy | 7pm - BOOK HERE
Appetite | 8:15pm - BOOK HERE
Improvision Song Contest | 9:30pm - BOOK HERE

Book multiple sessions on Friday HERE for a discount


Sat 9 Dec

Hotel Sol | 7pm - BOOK HERE
Our Place | 8:15pm - BOOK HERE
Fat City | 9:30pm - BOOK HERE

Book multiple sessions on Saturday HERE for a discount


Sun 10 Dec

Lola's Stories Retold | 1pm - BOOK HERE
Presence | 6:30pm - BOOK HERE
Canberra Impro Challenge Grand Finale | 7:45pm - BOOK HERE

Book Presence and Canberra Impro Grand Finale sessions on Sunday HERE for a discount

15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

Directions & Map

Monday - Friday

10am - 3pm


Also opens

1.5 hours prior

to performance.


02 6247 1223
Email The Street

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