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An update for visitors to The Street
“When I was a boy, I was afraid of the dark …. What was there. And maybe one of the things I thought was there were vampires “
05 - 07 Jun 2020

St Nicholas

A creepy tale of bloodlust, vampires and  theatre critics!

05 Sep 2020

First Seen: Barren Ground by Helen Machalias

Join us for another live work-in-progress showing!

The Street is Canberra’s leading theatre company and creative producer dedicated to
contemporary performance. We are also a receiving house presenting bold work from other
places. Inspired by our geography, history, and people, we champion creative
process alongside finished work; rich dialogue with our community,
and in our city of ideas, inquisitive artists who have something
to say about the world.


15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 12pm - 5pm

+ 1.5 hours prior to performance.

02 6247 1223

Theatre building currently closed to public due to COVID-19

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