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The Hive

The Street, led by acclaimed stage director Caroline Stacey, employs some of the finest creative talent in the region as well as Canberra’s creative diaspora and beyond.

The Hive

The Hive is The Street Theatre’s script/performance development program. In the search for contemporary regional and Australian writers, The Street has developed a place for the gathering of theatrical ideas and minds to challenge their skillset and provide fertile ground for Canberra to develop a distinctive and strong voice. The program aims to support live performance writing in the ACT through providing access to a leading professional dramaturg and a range of theatre resources.  The program is driven by a commitment to actively nurturing ACT writers and their work. Further, to develop quality new work to be produced by The Street Theatre and other organisations throughout the ACT and Australia. Using one of Australia’s leading dramaturgs to facilitate it, The Hive has developed over the years, changing to the needs of the participants as well as those of the company. The program is for those interested in/or currently pursuing a professional career in performance & writing at various stages of their career.


INTERPLAY 2020 - An exploration of the inter-play between COVID-19 and Theatre Making

INTER-PLAY is a new program from The Street created in direct response to how profoundly the world has changed in the early months of 2020 as an exploration of the interplay between the pandemic and theatre making into the future. INTER-PLAY 2020 ran from the 30th of July through to 26th of November. Facilitated and led by Canberra-based theatre artist Barb Barnett, INTER-PLAY sessions were open to all playwrights and theatre-makers at all stages of their career.

INTER-PLAY 2020 saw it as imperative to address a multiplicity of voices; to represent gender equity, cultural diversity, and time of life – by way of collaboration, or solo in isolation – all work was welcome, no matter the phase.  Theatremakers and playwrights could choose to register to have parts of their work read by the group for the purpose of receiving feedback and engaging in critical discussion.   Each session focused on a specific subject, concern, or question significant to making work.

INTER-PLAY saw creatives unpicking and unpacking the convolutions of creating in a world mid Covid-19. Concentrating on constructive critical discussion and debate, the seven sessions were designed for the online space via Zoom, enabling connection with fellow creative and writers and those interested in fresh new Australian work.


Inter-Play Notes:

Session #1 - Notes


To submit a topic/theme/idea/provocation/project concept or work  for discussion

Register via providing the following information:

  • The requests you have of the group and/or the topic, theme or concept you would like to explore or a two-sentence description/synopsis of you work
  • The excerpt to be shared/read and discussed (please attach as a Word Doc or PDF)
  • A contact number for us to reach you to discuss your requirements.


Lend An Ear: Living Arts Canberra 


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