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Street Talk

barb barnett talks theatre-making during COVID-19 and The Street's new program bringing together playwrights and theatre-makers.

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The Street Theatre would like to thank the following supporters for their generous financial support, which assists us in continuing to create great theatre made by ACT artists.



 Street Life ($5000+)


Michael Adena,

Joanne Daly

Colin Neave



 Street Party ($1000 - $5000)


Mark Craswell

Michael Sassella

Caroline Stacey

David & Margaret Williams

Cathy Winters

Peter Wise



 Street Works ($500 - $1000)


Dean Ellis

Jamie Hladky,

John Passioura,

George Lawrence



 Street Style ($250 - $500)


Ann Bounds

Tamara Mckee

Bren Weatherstone



 Street Wise (up to $250)


Marion Amies, Roger Bean, Watson Blaikie, Thomas Boleyn, Joanna Bowen, Georgina Breen,  Duncan Bosworth, David Coghlan, Peter Copeman, Sue Crawford, Belinda Daley, Julia Dunston, Fleur Flanery, Helen Fletcher,  Tim Foster, Alan Flett, James Fursdon, Jacky Gibson, Stephen Goggs, Isobel Griffin, Beverly Hart, Deborah Hicks, David Hinds, Simon Hobbs, Su Hodge, Chris Holly,  Andrew Hollo, Graeme Hoy, Margaret Hyland, Tanya Jacobsen, Gary James, Alan Jordan, Kathryn Kelly, John Laidlaw, Kelli Lawton, Caroline Le Couteur, Rosemary Lohmann, Neil McAlister, Barbra McAuley, David McCook, Fergus McCowan, Fiona Manning, Kirsten Maron, Anna Marzano, Frederique Morris, Jason Morrisey, Anne Murn, Maura Pierlot, Sarah Reid, Susan Reye, Dean Richmond, Sarah Rogers, Dave Robson, Geoff Rodwell,  Denise Ryan, Fiona Sawyers, Kathryn Stenner, Sarah Stitt, Peta Tanahill, Alisa Taylor, Anne Treleaven, Rebecca Vassarotti,  Rodney Waghorn, Grant Wales, Leigh Watson, Julia Wee, Michael White, Patti Wilkins, Lyle Williams, Ramon Wilson, Margot Woods, Natalie Zuber.






15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

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Box Office

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 12pm - 2pm

+ 1.5 hours prior to performance.

02 6247 1223

Theatre building currently on reduced hours to public due to COVID-19

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