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Street Talk

Special guests Black Box Flight Recorder team member Ken Fraser and Jenny Warren, daughter of inventor David Warren, joined the opening night audience for the world premiere of Flight Memory. Read more about the 2019 highlights in this weeks Street Talk.

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Seeking actors 17-22 years for

Fragments by Maura Pierlot


Venue Street 2

Rehearsal Schedule

Part time: Monday 30th September  – Monday 14th October 2019, then full-time for the production week  15th – 22nd October


Performance Dates

23 – 27 October  (Wed– Sun)

Conditions MEAA Award



Eight teens/young adults navigating their lives, connected  in ways they are unaware of,  each struggling to hold on – to family, to friends, to a piece of themselves. We follow them as they try to find hope and a sense of self in the face of a suite of contemporary adversities.

The Creative Team

Direction Shelly Higgs

Sound Design Kyle Sheedy


Seeking actors 17-22 years


Short Circuit                                       WILL (M)

Drawn to rhythm, Will struggles in a world of words, unable to connect to the girl of his dreams, but refusing medication that will make him think like everyone else.


In My Head                                         FREYA (F)

On the outside Freya’s a normal teen but on the inside she’s fighting anxiety every single day, alone and unable to tell anyone that she needs help.


Good for Nothing                            VIJAY (M)

Worried he’ll never be tall enough, handsome enough or smart enough, Vijay turns to social media to chat up girls at school with devastating consequences.


Picture Perfect                                   REENA (F)

Convinced she’s fat, Reena relies on filters to market a better version of herself online, creating a fake Instagram account, revelling in praise from a growing legion of followers.


She                                                NICKY (M; character is trans F presenting as M)*                         

Every day she fights him to be heard, to dress as she wants, to be who she is ... until one day when he must make a choice, knowing she can never be free as long as he lives.


Now You See Me                              MASON (M)

Everyone’s so busy looking up to school captain Mason that they don’t recognise the debilitating depression that is taking over his life.


Pretty Stupid                                      MILA (F)

Reeling from an abrupt reality check, a young woman sues her school and family for failing to prepare her for life after graduation.


Roller Coaster                                    LEXY (F)

Lexy is determined to internalise her family struggles until a chance meeting opens the floodgates and changes the course of her life.


Director: Shelly Higgs

Shelly Higgs is a professional theatre director, producer, dramaturg, sometimes co-playwright, and multi award-winning photographer. Shelly trained as an actor (BA Acting CSU 2002), (RADA 2004) and co-founded regional theatre company Gearstick Theatre with Craig Alexander in 2002. With Gearstick, Shelly spent a decade producing dozens of shows, touring them regionally and to major metropolitan centres within Australia, playing Fringe Festival circuits and creating theatre in education performances for schools within the Riverina.


Shelly’s directing credits include: Epitaph by Ross Mueller, 7 Great Inventions of the Modern Industrial Age, (The Street Theatre);  Closer by Patrick Marber, Baby Talk by Doug Wright, The injuriousness of Tobacco and The Bear by Anton Chekov,  (Jetty Theatre, NSW), Irreconcilable Differences (Shakespeare adaptation toured as TIE piece throughout NSW and VIC), and Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol (The Street Theatre, Depot Theatre). Shelly is currently project co-ordinator for The Street’s First Seen new works-in-progress program and has worked on a number of creative developments for The Street including; The Refuge by Geraldine Turner, Marion and Walter by Peter Coleman, Life's a Bitch by David Cole, Diode Yang by Graham McBean, and Outsider by Peter Cook. Above all, Shelly is a storyteller; and in line with her work as a professional photographer, her theatre work is grounded with a strong visual aesthetic and a search for authenticity.



Saturday 27 July from 11am – 6:30pm


Actors will be called for a 30-minute group session (4 actors) and an individual monologue (15 minutes) – all within a 75-minute time-frame.


Read the monologues provided.

Read through the entire monologue of your 2 favourite characters

Prepare 2 character excerpts


Venue Street Three

The Street Theatre, 15 Childers Street

Canberra City West


To Audition Email your CV with telephone contact details and

photo to


We will then respond with audition times.




15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

Directions & Map

Box Office

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 12pm - 4pm

+ 1.5 hours prior to performance.


The Street is closed from the 19th of December through to the 20th of January. Summer opening hours can be found here.


02 6247 1223