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11 - 20 March 2016

All This Living

A contemporary, solo piece of theatre created in Canberra through The Hive program, All This Living uses humour, mixed with home truths and leaps of imagination to tell Jay's story.

Anti-aging ads and her invisibility have worried her and she is searching for answers. What is this 'third stage' of her life? 'Retiree' but from "Inside her is plenty piled up, all that vibrancy". The Caillech and the Furies may help and have some answers to her quest. Her wrinkles and crinkles hold secrets and stories and she’s not a fossil. Guerilla grannies have their piercing eyes on those Anti-Aging ads and her head is buzzing.

Join Jay on her journey.

"wry observations on situations women of any age will recognise" STAGE WHISPERS
there is a joy, an acknowledgment, a defiance and an independence that gives a proud and hopeful voice to all women in their later years."
Blunden is a very good actor and her vocal delivery is exemplary." CITYNEWS

Street Two - unreserved | Duration - approx. 60 mins, no interval

More information

All This Living!

A Street Contemporary Drama Presentation 

presented by Camilla Blunden
A COTA ACT Seniors Week Event

Written and Performed by Camilla Blunden

During the season, all performances will be followed by a Q&A with the actor

All This Living Teaser from Camilla Blunden on Vimeo.

15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

Directions & Map

Monday - Friday

10am - 3pm


Also opens

1.5 hours prior

to performance.


02 6247 1223
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