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11 December 2021

If This is the Highway (I'll Take the Dirt Road): Book Launch

Join author and theatremaker Joel Swadling for the launch of his biography of actor, producer, and director David Branson - If This is the Highway (I'll Take the Dirt Road) - The Formidable Encounters of  David Branson, Esq.

Drinks available from the bar on arrival. The biography is available for purchase with signings by the author. Paperback, $35.00; hardcover, $60.00.

This is a free event, but reservations are essential to manage numbers in line with COVID restrictions. Please RSVP with name and telephone number via


About If This is the Highway (I'll Take the Dirt Road)

An actor, presenter, producer, and director, David Branson was a dazzling fountain of energy whose artistic endeavours throughout Australia enlivened and advanced the careers of many performing artists. In this book, many of those artists share intriguing encounters with this particularly individual figure of inspiration, reflecting upon and revealing how he-and they-helped to shape the grass-roots avant-garde of the performing arts in Australia. Author Joel Swadling, who worked with Branson, highlights how Branson gained fame throughout Australia as one of the founders of Splinters Theatre of Spectacle, a twelve-year experiment in multimedia, cross-discipline outdoor ritual, and through other endeavors. After Branson's death, the avant-garde excitement of Canberra faded for a time without his spirit and guidance. If This Is the Highway (I'll Take the Dirt Road) celebrates and illuminates the impact of one of the avant-garde's most talented titans.


The launch will feature readings from the book by invited guests, as well as songs from members of Mikelangelo & the Black Sea Gentlemen, and reflections upon David's enduring legacy. Mikelangelo & the Black Sea Gentlemen feature three of the book's many contributors: Pip Branson, Phil Moriarty, and Michael Simic. 


Foyer | RSVP | Reduced Capacity based on COVID legislation | Check In CBR APP must be used by patrons on Arrival. Click here for more information on COVID 19 venue safety.

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The Street Presents
Joel Swadling

If This is the Highway (I'll Take the Dirt Road) - The Formidable Encounters of  David Branson, Esq."

Saturday 11 December, 3pm

Free Event: Please RSVP with name and phone number via

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