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05 March 2016

Impro ACT: Plan D

In the previous night's "Plan C", Caspar, a Parisian Dane, presents himself in a one-man variety show containing a considerable dose of clown and mime. Plan A is what he hopes is going to work, his dreams come true; Plan B is what he knows is going to work, business as usual. Plan C is when he has to improvise?

Plan D is when he adds a performing partner to this equation to present a duo performance, which has attracted the world's greatest improvisers to share in this unique show. Tonight, Canberra's own Artistic Director of Impro ACT and Australia's international festival of unscripted theatre, Improvention, Nick Byrne, joins Caspar on his most unusual journey

The show quickly becomes a visual and visceral experience as Caspar confronts himself, (and, tonight, is confronted by Nick) in a host of guises: from writer, director and actor to all types of characters, demons and more or less improbable figments of his imagination.

Conceived and performed on the side of Montmartre, 'Plan D' remains true to the artistic spirit of its origin and offers a highly creative performance with a poetic and philosophical twist. 

'Plan D' is an existential comedy that will speak to anyone who ever had a choice to make or a plan to follow. Strung between freedom and necessity, each performance is unique in its more or less scripted improvisations.


Street Two - unreserved | Duration - 60 minutes, no interval.

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FULL: $20
GROUP 6+: $15

Created and performed by Caspar Schjelbred. Additional performance by Nick Byrne.

15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

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Monday - Friday

10am - 3pm


Also opens

1.5 hours prior

to performance.


02 6247 1223
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