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19 July 2024

Kristy Coote with Tyrone Noonan

Kristy Coote just released her new single 'Free Wind' on November 23 and, now announces her tour with special guest the amazing Tyrone Noonan.

'Free Wind' has been immediately picked up by radio stations nationally across Australia.  This is the first single to drop from her upcoming album “Favourite Thing”, scheduled for release early 2016.
'Free Wind' talks about going down the road less travelled due to fear of change.  As one of the line states in the song, "Head first I've heard is the best way.  I'm not getting any younger, makes no sense to hold on longer."
The moral to this story is, you only have one life and, you need to give it all you've got, whatever your dreams may be.   It's got a catchy melody and is a great example of what you will hear on the new album.
Recorded in Nashville TN, with music producer, Mike Flanders and The Orchard distribution label in NYC, 'Free Wind' was written by Nashville songwriters, Chaise Flanders and Jenn Bostic.  
For Kristy, this is the culmination of years of work, connecting with the 'right' people, believing in your craft and focusing on the big picture.

“I think everyone goes through a self-doubting period at one time in their lives. My experience was whether or not to continue a 9 to 5 job whilst feeling dissatisfied. I knew deep down this wasn’t my path to take so I changed it ….and here I am…loving what I’m passionate about it.  It’s not just about filling my void, but knowing this journey will be able to help other people through my music." Kristy Coote

Hailing from Newcastle NSW, Kristy's has had international success with songs 'I'm Not That Girl', reaching number one on the Ison Live Radio International Network - 'The Australian Real Underground Music Show', and hits on John Butler, Paul Kelly and Ash Grunwald, 'Home Grown Roots III Compilation' with 'Chocolate Day' and 'Calling All You Wanted Angels'. Kristy's acoustic rootsy brand of pop music has taken her on a journey resulting in her songs being heard across the US, and Australian radio stations.

Street Two - unreserved | Duration - 130 minutes incl. interval.

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A Street Live Music Presentation

7:30pm - 8:30pm: Tyrone Noonan
8:30pm - 8:50pm: interval
8:50 - 9:50pm: Kristy Coote

15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

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Monday - Friday

10am - 3pm


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to performance.


02 6247 1223
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