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03 June 2016


He’s sold out shows right around his home country, as well as in neighbouring New Zealand, the U.S., and across Europe and the U.K.  He's toured arenas with some of the highest selling artists of all time including Brian Wilson, Chicago, America, and Peter Frampton.  He's performed live on television in Germany and The Netherlands, and has been voted the 'Singer/Songwriter Discovery of the Year' in North America by SiriusXM Radio, with almost 30 million listeners.  He's an impassioned, independent singer/songwriter with a global view and an international following, built on the word-of-mouth of dedicated fans.

This year Wilkinson presents the Come With Me Tonight EP, a 5-track taster of his next studio album.  Released worldwide on February 12, this new material showcases Wilkinson’s first time in the role of record producer as he set about to create something with a timeless, even nostalgic feel.  “We took a very organic approach, making it a collaborative process that relied solely on real musicians and real instrumentation, giving the songs extra dimension through lush arrangements, trying to capture a moment with warmth and emotion, and pay tribute to the beauty of music being in the imperfections.”  The EP also features 2 tracks in which Wilkinson collaborated with one of Australia’s leading contemporary producers and analogue specialists, four time ARIA Award winner Wayne Connolly (Josh Pyke, Boy & Bear), with the finishing touches being added in Arizona by mastering engineer Roger Seibel (Ryan Adams, Bon Iver).  The end result is something as powerful as it is emotive.

To celebrate the release Wilkinson will spend most of the year embarking on a world tour, performing right across Australia and New Zealand through May and June before heading further abroad.  As an artist who continues to build an impressive global following off the strength of his live show, don’t miss what could be your only opportunity to catch him on stage in 2016 and experience this rare talent in person.

"He truly has a gift for poetic lyrics...There's a glow of warm around him and richness to his supreme voice, sending shivers down spines as he pulls you into the soul of him." Hazel Buckley,

Street 1 - reserved | Duration - 140 minutes with interval

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