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11 December 2023

Master It: Narrative Imaginings & Creative Projects

an introductory experiential workshop exploring the relationship between the participant and their projects

Poh Lin Lee, is offering a uniquely designed workshop for people engaged in creative projects based on her experience and knowledge as a narrative therapist, trauma specialist, writer, teacher and film protagonist. These workshops are not therapy yet can be therapeutic along with practical energising of creative practice. Through a series of carefully crafted exercises over two days participants are invited to explore their own specific project in a guided way that focuses on disrupting the dominant ways of talking about creative processes and projects. This workshop assists people coming into relationship with their projects - finding creative solutions to challenges and re-imagining their projects in relation to themselves, their audiences and their own life journeys.Workshop participants frequently share that they value the way these conversations assist them in both articulating their local personal vision and approach whilst bringing into sharper focus how their work is situated in the wider cultural, political and social spheres.


Narrative Therapy

Narrative practice is a post-structuralist, invitational, question-based therapeutic approach. It centres around creative and metaphorical deconstruction to make visible the ideas that are in operation so that we might have the possibility to actively shape what we take up, step away from or renegotiate. It aims to assist us in performing our preferred identity, vision and ethics through our actions, initiatives, commitments and relationships.


Who is this workshop for?   Artists, creatives and educators in all their varied forms and approaches. You are requested to attend the workshop with one particular project in mind regardless of the stage of development. It is important to attend both days, requests for single day attendance is not possible.


Poh Lin Lee

Poh Lin is an Australian social worker who has been providing therapy to individuals, families and communities for the 14 years across a number of countries and contexts (Australia, Mongolia, Benin, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Palestine, Turkey, Ukraine Germany, Belgium, Greece, UK, Spain) including providing torture and trauma counselling services on Christmas Island and continuing to work with people seeking asylum through a film project with Gabrielle Brady, Island of the Hungry Ghosts (feature) and The Island (short).

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Date:                                       Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March 2020

Time:                                      11am - 6pm

Location:                                The Street Theatre

Cost:                                       $400 per person for the two days

                                                Payments can be made in increments of $100 from December – March.



Feedback from previous workshops…


‘My friend and teacher Poh who has been one of the most extraordinary guides in my creative and inner work... She helped me overcome some major hurdles..., encouraging my vision for it and enabling me to take it to a wider audience than I’d dared to imagine’. - Imogen


“I had a big shift in the workshop and it led to an eruption of inspiration, focus and a huge amount of writing! I am now much clearer on what is needed to protect my creative practice and I have more clarity around how to do so." Grace 


"Poh's workshop was a truly pivotal creative experience for me. With her guidance I was able to find a core personal strength that showed me I could take much bigger creative risks than I ever thought possible. I would highly recommend Poh's workshop to anyone looking to go deeper and further on their creative journey." - Natasha 

More information

14TH &15TH MARCH 2020 11AM-6PM (BOTH DAYS)

15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

Directions & Map

Monday - Friday

10am - 3pm


Also opens

1.5 hours prior

to performance.


02 6247 1223
Email The Street

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