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31 March 2023

The Redgum Years

starring John Schumann & The Vagabond Crew


“Hi John. I’m sitting on my verandah, listening to Redgum. Those songs still touch my heart and my soul.”

It’s 2023. John Schumann, the voice of the legendary Australian folk-rock band Redgum and writer of the iconic anthem, “I was only 19”, is contacted via Messenger and Facebook by fans from all over Australia.

Many of these emails come from people who were kids back then. As adults, they’ve come to understand the Australianness and the important messages about justice, fairness, compassion and the need to care for country. 

“The Redgum Years” owes its existence to the Vagabond Crew who were able to persuade John to revisit the catalogue, to play the songs and to tell the stories in a special tribute concert.

“The Redgum Years” first appeared in the Adelaide Fringe in 2021. Three sell-out shows, lengthy waiting lists and standing ovations - it was a Fringe hit. People flew in, quite literally, from all over Australia.

Braving the Covid pandemic, John and the band took it to Melbourne in 2022 and sold out 3 shows. 

“The Vagabond Crew is a world-class, 7-piece band. I’d line this band up against any band in Australia,” John said. “More importantly, we’re all mates - obvious when we’re on stage.” 

“The Redgum Years” is a concert of songs and stories for the true believers. 

It’s for their kids.

And it’s for all those people still believe that songs can change the world.



John Schumann & The Vagabond Crew | Facebook

John Schumann | Website


Street One | Reserved | Duration 120 minutes without interval
Click here for information on COVID 19 venue safety.

More information

The Street Presents
The Redgum Years
Starring John Schumann & The Vagabond Crew

Friday 31 March, 8pm

Standard: $75
Group 4+: $65

15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

Directions & Map

Monday - Friday

10am - 3pm


Also opens

1.5 hours prior

to performance.


02 6247 1223
Email The Street

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