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Segue 2016: stCLOUD Frost Drawing

07 - 16 May 2016

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Performance Details

Saturday 7 May, 9am
Sunday 8 May, 11am
Monday 9 May, 8:30am
Tuesday 10 - Wednesday 11 May, 10am
Thursday 12 May, 9am
Friday 13 May, 10am
Saturday 14 May, 12pm
Monday 16 May, 10am

Street Talk

Sweeps you up”, “rollercoaster ride”, “compelling”  The creative team for Breaking The Castle, designers Imogen Keen, Gerry Corcoran and Kimmo Vennonen, talk about their response to the script, collaborative processes, key elements, tensions and the moods and landscapes created for Dave’s worlds.

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In 2016 Segue Artist in Residence Gosia Wlodarczak will undertake an eight-day drawing performance titled stCloud: FROST DRAWING FOR SEGUE. This residency looks to connect cultural spaces and their systems of sharing artwork, knowledge and information – an icloud in tangible form referencing artist's childhood memories of frosty windows in Poland.


“The Frost Drawing project is a nostalgic trip to my childhood in Poland. I remember how during cold winter nights and days water condensed on windows’ glass and then froze forming intricate floral-like patterns which grew across the glass surface from the edges to the centre slowly closing down the view to the outside world and replacing it with magic landscape of the surreal glowing-white forest”.


Gosia graduated Master of Fine Arts (1984), the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland. She settled in Australia 1996 and now lives in Melbourne and works in Australia and internationally. Drawing is the basis of her whole practice, extending towards performance, interactive situations, installation, digital college, printmaking, sound and film; she refers to it as cross-disciplinary drawing. In 2013 her practice was featured in Phaidon publication Vitamin D2: New Perspectives in Drawing and in 2012 "Hyperdrawing: Beyond the Lines of Contemporary Art" published by TRACEY (Drawing and Visualisation Research Institute) Loughborough University UK. Gosia says:


Drawing is the basis of my whole practice, extending towards performance, interactive situations, installation, sound and film; I refer to it as cross-disciplinary drawing.


I am trying to find the proof that I am alive. Drawing seems to be the language, the best means to do it. I only draw what I see. Every single glance produces a drawn shape. Every drawn shape both embodies and documents corporeal existence.

Wlodarczak’s drawings are a manifestation of the changing world around her as her eyes and mind first encounter it, recorded over a defined period. The relationship between the artist and the activity and objects surrounding her provides the necessary stimulus for the progression of her imagery… The work consists of notational forms spread across the surface in an organic agglomeration of spindly lines drawn in fluid pigment pen, a sort of delicate graffiti that expands and contracts incrementally over the surface with increasing layers and density. While at first they may seem an incomplete jumble, on closer inspection recognisable shapes and objects that mirror the tangible world begin to emerge… Anne Ryan, Gosia Wlodarczak, drawing out – Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial 2014.


stCloud: FROST DRAWING FOR SEGUE performance outcome—drawing on glass installation with interventions at the Street Theatre and other stCloud locations will be a visual archive of time, space and action I lived through during performance.


Provoked by context,  Wlodarczak will draw directly onto the glass windows in The Street foyer and  you can  join Gosia daily in The Street foyer to watch the process.   


7- 15 May 16 Foyer | 10am - 6pm, daily

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Saturday 7th May - National Gallery of Australia,  2pm Artist Talk

Sunday 8th May - Canberra Museum and Art Gallery, from 12noon - 5pm

Monday 9th May - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, RG Casey Building Foyer, John McEwen Crescent, Barton, from 8:30am

Thursday 12th May - National Gallery of Australia, from 10am





15 Childers St,

City West ACT 2601

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