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12 Mar 2021

Mark Wilkinson: Hand Picked Vol 3 Album Tour

Mark Wilkinson announces, ‘Hand Picked, Vol. 3’

Street 1
08 - 10 Jul 2021

I've Been Meaning To Ask You

The next generation is about to drop some truths….and the mic!

Street 1
07 Mar 2021

Katie Noonan: Solo & Intimate

Katie Noonan has extraordinary vocals always at the fore

Street 1
27 Mar 2021

Bandaluzia Flamenco

Acclaimed modern flamenco ensemble Bandaluzia led by ARIA nominated Flamenco guitarist Damian Wright

Street 1
14 Mar 2021

Jan Preston: 88 Pianos I Have Known

Australia's Queen of Boogie plays at The Street

Street 1
20 Feb 2021

The Wayne Kelly Trio: Ugly Beauty

Original music recently composed by Wayne Kelly, inspired by Thelonious Monk

Street 1
05 Mar 2021

John Mackey: Melting Pot – Wave Lengths Suite

Wave Lengths Suite is an improvised series of movements dedicated to the ever-changing nature of our global community.

Street 1
26 Feb 2021

Bruce Mathiske: Guitar Artistry, Live Music & Live Art

An exciting concert experience, featuring Bruce Mathiske's Virtuoso Guitar and Didgeridoo

Street 1
28 Feb 2021

Caribe Havana Return

Cuban Jazz, Dance, Chanting, Story Telling 

Street 1
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Marét Live

Transcendent of labels and trends, crafting her art with honesty and fearlessness


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